July 16, 2013


As someone who thought they would never, ever do acupuncture, I can't recommend Alex enough. I have suffered from migraine headaches my whole life. I finally decided to try an alternative method of healing since the medication I was on didn’t work.


Alex is not only an amazing professional, she is a wonderful person. She takes her time to truly get to know you.  She wants to figure out the root of your problem, not just rush you through the session. I was really nervous my first time since I have a fear of needles. Alex instantly put me at ease and when I got woozy from the first few needles, she took them out right away, stayed with me until I felt better, and then when I decided I was ready to re-try it, she eased me back in by letting me know exactly what she was doing, every step of the way.


I saw Alex once a week and she always made a point to check in on how I was feeling, how the last week was for me, how my headaches were doing, etc. She really listens to you and was determined to make sure I started to feel better. I haven't had a serious migraine in 3 months and I stopped taking all my prescription medication.


Whether you're seeking pain relief from a medical ailment or want to bring balance to your life, Alex is the only person I would recommend to help get you there.

Brett Qualters

Events Services Coordinator, Insomniac Events

Los Angeles, CA

July 15, 2013


Last year I was diagnosed by my orthopedic surgeon as having a ruptured disc in my lower spine. The pain made it difficult to bend down and even walk. The doctor, besides administering an epidural shot for relief, suggested acupuncture. I went ahead and was treated by Alex Leddy for about six months of weekly treatments at Emperor's College in Santa Monica, California. I was surprised to find there was no pain from the needles and much to my relief, a gradual lessening pain in my back. Within a few months I was able to function normally in my teaching job at UCLA, and even resumed my twice-a-week exercise classes.

Alex is an intelligent, caring, and gentle acupuncturist. Before each procedure she describes the treatment and why it is being done. You know what to expect and can relax. Her gentle manner greatly helps, and as a backdrop, she has a cool selection of soft music that facilitates the relaxation.
I highly recommend Alex Leddy as a caring person who is very effective in her profession as an acupuncturist.

Frank Blair

Professor at UCLA

Los Angeles, CA

                                                     June 14, 2013


I originally went to see Alex for help with my allergies and sinuses. But before I knew it - within only a session or two actually - I noticed that not only was I breathing better, but my mood was better and I was sleeping better! I felt grounded, centered, and more energized. Acupuncture works on restoring balance and health to the whole body, and Alex really knows how to guide your body to achieve that state. She's also really easy to talk to and truly listens to what you have to say without any judgment, which is often hard to find!


Holly Sidell

Health & Fitness Professional, Intensati Instructor, Reiki Master

Los Angeles, CA

June 7, 2013


Dear Alex,


I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you again for your treatment of my neck pain. We all miss you out here in Los Angeles, and are wishing you the best of luck with your new life in the mountains.


The problem I was having in my neck was a reactivated chronic sports injury, and would typically take 2 to 3 months to resolve when I treated it with the usual conventional methods they taught me in medical school. It was affecting my quality of life and my functionality at work, as was just generally unpleasant. The reason I came to see you was that since starting work at UCLA, I have had more exposure to patients undergoing traditional Eastern medicine treatments, and it was getting progressively more difficult to ignore the resulting benefits of some of the homeopathic approaches, such as acupuncture. I had been recommending it to my own patients as either a supplemental treatment or replacement treatment when the usual allopathic approaches weren’t effective. My attitude was, “well, even if we don’t fully understand how it works, it doesn’t seem to be in any way harmful, so why not try?”


What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right? I figured if I am recommending this to patients, and I had a problem that may benefit from it, it would be a little hypocritical to not try it myself. Because you were part of the school out here, I figured I was in good hands. I was right.

I have been a clinician and professor here at UCLA for a decade now, and every day I am involved in teaching medical students and young doctors. I am obligated to not only teach them about care for surgical patients and specific surgical techniques, but also less tangible things like professionalism, ethics, and the elusive bedside manner. If you had been my student, I would have given you an “A+” based upon your treatment of me. Not only did my symptoms resolve in about 24 hours—as opposed to the usual 3 months—your demeanor and approach were top-notch. I immediately felt at ease because you were knowledgeable, calm and confident. Remember, this was all new to me, and voodoo as far as I knew. After your initial assessment, I was perfectly comfortable with the idea of you actually poking sharp needles in me.


Not only did the treatments (2, in total) work surprisingly well, you had the professionalism and integrity to tell me that I probably didn’t really need any more treatment unless things flared up again. There are many practitioners in both the world of allopathic and homeopathic medicine that will tend to exaggerate the need for repeat/chronic treatments in order to make sure the revenue keeps coming in. I know many chronic conditions actually require chronic care, but I was relieved and impressed that I was not pushed into that category.


I guess this is not the ‘quick note’ I said it would be, but I felt it was important for other people to get a chance to hear about my experience. I hope you will use this letter as an endorsement for your new practice, because you have definitely earned it. I, of course, do not have the authority to endorse you on behalf of UCLA, but I am free to endorse your clinical skills as your very appreciative patient.

Best of luck!




Erik P. Dutson, MD, FACS

Chief, UCLA Section of Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery

Associate Professor of Surgery

Executive Medical Director, CASIT (Center for Advanced Surgical & Interventional Technology)

Los Angeles, CA

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