Acupuncture - first time experience

Professional service from arrival to departure. Alex listened carefully and compassionately to my story. Her recommendations were sensible and positive. The treatment was carefully administered in a kind and friendly manner. I can highly recommend her practice to anyone and without reservation.

Feb 17 2022, Dave Elliott


Alex Leddy Acupuncture

I've seen Alex only once , and I'm feeling much better. Alex , was very sincere in the amount of time she took to discuss my issues as well as my general person. I'm looking forward to my next appointment for more results!!!!

Jan 1 2022, Gail B


Amazing Treatment

Alex remains to be tuned into what I need each time I see her. Seeing her for almost 8 years has absolutely had a huge positive impact on my health. She's the best!!

Nov 24 2021, Cory G


Amazing acupuncture treatment

Alex was very attuned to my needs. Her acupuncture treatment was intuitively right on and I had an amazing experience and shift in my state that has been very supportive and helpful. Thank you Alex!!!

Nov 3 2021, Robyn Hubbard


Alex is a gem!

I have said this before and continue to do so - Alex has been a great help for me with various issues - whether physical or emotional, she has addressed them and I am feeling better because of her. I have been seeing Alex for probably close to 6 years now - and life totally changed once I started seeing her. I highly recommend Alex - whether it is for physical issues (injuries or not feeling well) or emotional (depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, etc). Alex is professional and caring.

Nov 2 2021, M.D.


Best ever

Annie is amazing. She makes body and mind feel at ease. She is caring and kind and knows what she is doing

Nov 1 2021, Beth Hansen


The absolute best in every way!

I have been working with Alex for a little over 3 years now. She has been so knowledgeable and helpful with everything from pain, weight loss, hormone balancing, stress reduction and helping me conceive. I always leave feeling so much better and will be a client for life!

Oct 14 2021, T.S.


Amazing Treatment, Care, and Solutions

I truly enjoyed my first appointment with Alex and already counting down the days until my next appointment! The office is beautiful and welcoming and she was so open listening to my goals for acupuncture. I already feel so much better after session 1 (and think we found a solution to my pain!).

Sep 26 2021, Emily B


Care at its best

I love going to my acupuncture appointments despite not loving needles. The office is calming and Alex is unbelievably compassionate. She communicates clearly and takes the time to understand what I need for each session. I would recommend Alex Leddy Acupuncture to anyone.

Aug 31 2021, Julia Tallmadge


The best

Best healer in the valley, maybe anywhere. Alex is a legend and her practice is professional grade..

Aug 28 2021, John W


No pain is the gain

So happy that I found Alex Leddy Acupuncture! I've had chronic lower back/hip back for about the last 5 years related to major surgery for scoliosis at age 13. I've had at least 4 treatments with Alex & I guess the best endorsement for her expertise is the fact that now I go days without even thinking about pain. She is intuitive & responsive to her client's needs. Karen, her receptionist keeps everything flowing. The office is clean & tranquil; definitely spa-like. I always feel very nurtured.

Aug 11 2021, B.Z.


An Angel

Alex is an angel sent from heaven! She is so knowledgeable, so thorough, and her approach feels very wholistic. I'd recommend her to anyone...she is wonderful.

Aug 4 2021, Ashley C


Superb service

The best thing you can do for yourself today (or any day) is visit Alex. Great service, extremely professional, rejuvenating, peaceful, calming treatment.

Aug 2 2021, Paddy O


Great session!!!

Can’t recommend enough! They were knowledgeable, totally professional, and really listened to my needs. Also — pain free needling

Jul 17 2021, M.K.



Alex got me right in on a weekend. The New serene location is full of Positive energy and has lots of FREE parking. Alex listens, takes notes and focused on my immediate issues. A day later I feel 80% better already. Much thanks

Jul 11 2021, David Weiss


The Best***

I had not been for several weeks and needed a tune-up. Hits the nail or the needle on the head without fail. Also, Vit B12 shot.

Jul 10 2021, Mary Dominick


A True Healer

I love your new location. It's so relaxing! You're a great Acupuncturist and I think the Traumeel injection really helped. I'll be back for more.

Jun 20 2021, Jill Sheeley



Thank you Alex for your excellent care of me for the past 7 years!! Always a great experience. I highly recommend Alex Leddy Accupunture .

Jun 7 2021, V.S.


Alex is the best there is!

Alex is fantastic! I’ve seen Alex for years in many different phases of life. She takes time and care at each appointment to learn more about my needs, making every visit personalized. I am thankful and appreciative to have her in my life!

Jun 3 2021, Lara-Anne Stokes Bradley



Alex is amazing. She listens to you and comes up with treatment plans specific to your needs. The space is amazing, right on the river

May 18 2021, H.F.


Superb service

I'd never done acupuncture prior to my first visit here, but because of the superb service, patient care, discussion of ailment and treatment, I will be a long time customer. The experience was warm, welcoming, and serene.

May 17 2021, Paddy O'Connell


Thanks Annie!

I'm so glad I've found Annie here. She creates a safe and healing space with patience, care, and skill. Highly recommend!

May 12 2021, A.J.



Annie is incredible! I had a neck injury and had chronic pain. Within one session, the chronic pain was gone. I highly recommend seeing her if you’re in pain or need to relieve stress.

Apr 19 2021, Charles wood


Alex Leddy is a gem!

I cannot say enough good things about Alex. She is caring and compassionate. She is very professional and asks a lot of questions so she can help you with all the issues you have. I have been seeing Alex for about 5 years or so now and do not know where I would be without her! She has helped me with my anxiety, tendonitis, high blood pressure, stomach issues, back issues- you name it! It is hard to find caring people these days and Alex is one of those few out there.

Apr 19 2021, M.D.


Tip Top

All excellent every time!!! (I see Alex often and have only compliments for her and her abilities to know exactly what to do and what to emphasize each time I have an appointment) Karen is also a real asset to her office and the office is welcoming and beautiful on the river in Basalt.

Apr 4 2021, Mary Dominick


Thank you!

Thank you for fixing my back and for relieving my headache! I can't wait to see what else we can fix!!

Mar 29 2021, Mimi Lenk


Making life quality beyyer

Thank you Alex for fixing our family!:) Love my weekly visits, and will continue when completely healed!

Mar 27 2021, Kateryna Sukhanenko


Acupuncture, Cupping, B-12 Shots

I've gone to Alex for acupuncture, cupping, and B-12 shots for a couple years. I like going because its always very clean and relaxing, and Alex is very sweet. While you're "cooking" you lay on a heated table with a heat lamp on you feet and calming music playing. Alex places a button in you hand that you can press if you need her to come in which is very comforting if you are new to acupuncture.

Mar 24 2021, Olivia B


Alex is truly a healer !!

Alex is a gifted acupuncturist and healer !! She takes time to hear what you need fro her and then the treatment is out of This world !!!!!

Mar 6 2021, Elizabeth Sargent


great work as always

electrical needles today did the trick - so appreciative, no need to say more I am a devotee and always come back for more whenever needed

Mar 6 2021, Mary Dominick


Alex is amazing!

Alex is one of a kind! So sweet, and amazing at what she does. She has changed my life for the better and I’m forever grateful for her practice.

Mar 6 2021, Crystal Davis


Annie Gigliotti

Annie is amazing!! So knowledgeable and personable it easy to talk to. Each time I have had a visit with Annie, I have felt much bette, Annie is an amazing healer, I am so grateful she moved here.

Mar 2 2021, Victoria Powell


Wonderful service in a beautifully designed peaceful space

Premiere service and care @ Alex Leddy’s studio. Walked out feeling lighter and rejuvenated. Thanks!

Feb 11 2021, Michelle Miscione


The Literal BEST

After moving to Aspen anxious about finding a new practitioner, but Alex has overdelivered in every way. So grateful to have her in my life and working on both my energetic and physical body. Love her new space too!

Feb 5 2021, Allison Alexander


Always hits it right

Alex has the uncanny talent of knowing just what is needed each treatment. I relax immediately knowing that I am where I need to be.

Jan 16 2021, Mary Dominick


Alex is wonderful

Alex spent quite a bit of time before treating me, really listening and taking quite a few notes. The treatment consisted of cupping and acupuncture. I enjoyed both and was so incredibly relaxed afterwards. It was my first treatment with Alex and I was very impressed by her knowledge, professionalism and warmth. I am so grateful I was able to be treated by Alex and I highly recommend her services. An extra bonus is that she has a beautiful and serene office!

Jan 15 2021, Kathy P


Alex Leddy is a great healer.

Alex has helped a nerve issue that stymied numerous neurologists and others. She is remarkably accomplished for such a young age, compassionate and professional. She sits and really listens before treating. I feel heard and well cared for by Alex. I highly recommend Alex and am grateful to be in her care.

Jan 10 2021, Susan Hirsch


Amazing benefits

The benefits last for a long time and I am glad I found Alex. Great new location in a warming place.

Jan 8 2021, Mara M


Alex Leddy is a wonderful acupuncturist.

Alex Leddy has been my accupunturist for 6 years. She is a dedicated practitioner with a lovely professional manner. She has helped me with many issues, such as those related to menopause, lower back pain, treatment of illnesses, neck pain, knee pain. I am an athlete, so I require a high level of expertise to help me continue in my sport. Thank you Alex for many years of wonderful service.

Dec 30 2020, V.S.



This is one of the best healthcare experiences I have ever had. I felt truly listened to and enjoyed the mind/body approach to medicine My back feels better already and I can't wait to go again.

Dec 10 2020, Sarah Whiting


The best!

Alex is wonderful at what she does. She has helped me with many issues over the years. Most recently back pain which is now 100 times better! She is knowledgeable, kind, attentive and always makes me feel so much better. Can’t recommend more highly!!

Nov 12 2020, Caitlin D



Excellent visit with Alex Leddy. Have used Alex’s services for the last 6 years . Each service she offers is met with thorough conversation and a beneficial experience. She is experienced, intelligent, kind and professional. Whether it’s acupuncture, cupping or everyday health supplements, Alex will serve you well.

Oct 21 2020, Jackie L



Alex is great! She takes her time and listens to your concerns. She has helped me with several different types of medical issues. I would recommend her to everyone.

Oct 14 2020, Ricci Sullivan


She is the best!

Alex is the most caring, diligent and graceful Acupuncturist. She knows exactly how to help and truly cares about making her clients feel better.

Oct 9 2020, Emily Farrell


Great treatment

Alex is very attentive listening and understanding your issues and making sure to apply the best treatment possible to heal you. Just to add the facilities are top quality where you are able to disconnect to enjoy the amazing treatments offered!

Sep 17 2020, Tomas F



I have been seeing Alex Leddy for about 5 years now. I started seeing her because I was waking up in the middle of the night with panic attacks. I was seeing her pretty regularly at first to get the anxiety under control and it worked! I see her about once a month now for regular maintenance of emotional and physical well being. Alex is a good listener; quick study; compassionate and caring; professional. I cannot say enough good things about her. She is truly a gem. I highly recommend her

Sep 16 2020, M.D.


Alex is a terrific acupuncturise

Alex is very knowledgable and personable. She confidently delivers a treatment that is aligned with one's needs and targets the areas to generate healing.

Sep 6 2020, candice oksenhorn


Alex is great

Prior to each appointment she reviews issues or things that she should focus on during her treatment sessions. Alex is very thorough and personable!

Sep 5 2020, L.F.


Alex is so great!

Only her therapy helped me to fight the virus that had been sitting in me for over 10 years, and medicine wouldn’t help. Thank you?

Sep 4 2020, Kateryna S


Best I know of!

Alex gives the fastest and most painless injections. And, they are effective for the problem at hand. What could be more important? When I feel like a porcupine lying on the table it doesn't feel like that and I can relax and space out. She is knowledgeable and caring and meticulous.

Aug 27 2020, Mary Dominick



Great Practitioner

I have been seeing Alex for a few years now and she seems to get better and better every time. I tried her new sound therapy and wasn't sure what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. She always takes her time to understand my current health issues and tailors my treatments accordingly. The sound therapy is very different and not like a typical acupuncture appointment. However, I left my appointment feeling renewed, relaxed, and reset.

Aug 23 2020, S.F.


Immediate relief and relaxation

Alex always goes the extra mile with her treatments to make sure that I get the most out of it. She has really helped me manage my migraines and I always look forward to my appointments because of the relief and relaxation they bring me. Not to mention, she is incredibly knowledgeable and personable which makes the experience 10 times more comfortable and enjoyable.

Aug 19 2020, Hannah Yeary


Spa time!

I always feel like I just left the spa after cupping and acupuncture with Alex! So relaxing and whatever my ails of the day I leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and better overall!

Aug 15 2020, alicia m


Unknown pain

Alex helped me now only acknowledge my pain but address what needs to be fixed & how. She’s is so personable & genuine. Appreciated every second I got to spend with her !

Aug 3 2020, Elin Powell


Clean, prompt and extremely knowledgeable

Alex a Leddy is extremely thorough and really takes the time to learn what is going on in your body. Her office is very clean and I feel extremely confident in her knowledge and treatments.

Jul 24 2020, Michele King Soffer


Stiff neck ,separately back pain

Neck healed, back pain helped so far. Treatment comfortable and professional complying with COVID-19 regulations.

Jul 10 2020, Morton S


Alex is a terrific acupuncturise

Alex is confident, knowledgable and has a lovely presence about her! I recommend her highly! She is very thorough in asking the right questions so she can customize the treatment to meet your individual needs.

Jun 24 2020, candice oksenhorn


Alex is the Best!

She is the best at resolving whatever ails you, whether it’s stress, anxiety, muscle pain, energy Levels… Just everything that contributes to having better health and enjoying life. Her experience and intuition make it all work. A peaceful experience that’s worth every penny!

Jun 18 2020, Janis Huggins


Highly recommend

Alex is a true healer. She asks questions, listens and then involves her clients in their treatments and care.

May 19 2020, Vicki T


A Master Healer

I have not had acupuncture with Alex for two months. Wow! I feel so much better than i did. My legs, especially knees, have been very achy the last month. Alex initiated a spark to let that energy move. The cupping on my neck was profound- i had been holding a lot of tension there and her expert treatment was a huge relief. Alex has a way of integrating knowledge and intuition into every session. She is a master healer- attentive, skilled, caring, effective and potent. GRATITUDE

May 17 2020, Barbara Bloemsma



Thoughtful - caring & took her time! I felt so much better after my visit. Additionally, very clean and follows all the guidelines

May 14 2020, A.V.


The Best Acupuncture Place

I love this place you feel welcome as soon as you walk in. Alex is helping me manage my pain but she is also kind and friendly. I totally recommend her.

May 12 2020, N.C.


Alex is incredible! Seeing her is such a comfortable and enjoyable experience which cannot always be said for acupuncture. She is so knowledgeable and approachable. She treats you like a friend, not just a client. I had been dealing with female medical issues for a year or so and kept being told by doctors that my options were pills or surgery. Alex was so understanding and I immediately saw results! I can't say enough good things abut Alex.

Apr 6 2020, Lauren S


Excellent Care

Alex (and her staff) genuinely care about your overall well-being. I found Alex to be professional, thorough, and communicative in her care. I would trust her to treat anything within her scope.

Mar 21 2020, Marc Fernandes



Alex continues to provide an amazing experience every visit. She is very talented and knowledgeable.

Mar 20 2020, Cory G


The best!

Alex is an incredible, knowledgeable, professional and kind acupuncturist. She addresses everything and I always feel recharged, lighter, and healthier after visiting her. She truly is the best!

Feb 24 2020, Lauren 


Returning patient

I'm sorry; I didn't pay attention well to which issues ( 0f my many) we were focusing on. There was definitely an improvement in gut-bowel issues.....but not in sleep or neuropathy

Feb 23 2020, B.F.



Grateful every time I receive a treatment. Top notch Acupuncturist, who cares about our well being and healing. Thanks Alex

Feb 23 2020, D.S.


My visist

I totally love how relaxed I feel after the appointment and how my lower back pain is relieved. Also, I mentioned that I have cravings for sweets more than before and that I don’t want to create the habit of eating Sweets after every single meal. Guess what, after the Acupunture sessions my craving went down...

Feb 4 2020, Mara Morar


Peaceful and Knowledgeable

I’ve been to a handful of acupuncturists and Alex rates in the top. She is patient and thorough in her questions. The treatment room is peaceful and calming. And you have a beeper available if you get uncomfortable when the needles are doing their work. This was a nice touch that I hadn’t had before.

Jan 28 2020, Momslovewines 


Pure excellence

Alex is amazing. Her knowledge and expertise are second to none. I would strongly suggest her to anyone. She has done wonders for my healing.

Jan 10 2020, Cory G


Multi reviews

Alex is the BEST. That says it all! She can have 10 gold stars or platinum or diamond for the care and expertise she carries in her brain and fingers.

Jan 9 2020, Mary Dominick


Excellent and thorough

Educated and caring provider from start to finish. As a healthcare provider, I am extremely selective regarding who I refer to for healthcare services and advice. Alex exceeds all expectations.

Jan 8 2020, Lyndsey Haynie


So relaxing and rejuvenating!

Alex is not only a consummate professional and delight, she works magic! I had a wonderful treatment that involved cupping and acupuncture to reduce some back tension and help boost my immunity. I felt amazing after and even better the next day. Highly recommend!

Jan 1 2020, L.H.


Alex is amazing!

Alex is so knowledgable and really takes the time to listen to my issues to figure out the best solutions. I have gotten great results from being in her care. I would recommend Alex for your acupuncture needs.

Dec 31 2019, Laura Patterson


Accupuncture and cupping

Alex is an amazing acupuncturist! I was having back and shoulder pain that was really slowing me down. She relieved the back pain in the first visit and has helped with my shoulder pain. Looking forward to another visit and more pain relief.

Dec 17 2019, Elizabeth W


Couldn’t live with out my Accupuncture

Alex is amazing I’ve been going to her for over 4 years and I have had incredible results. She has a great intuition on what you need. I love the new space. B12 shots a must this winter holiday season. I am filled with gratitude for all you do.

Dec 5 2019, Theresa M


the best

Alex's new offices are lovely. She is an amazing person and practitioner. 5 stars...highly recommended!!!!

Dec 5 2019, Lawrence Butler


Alex is fantastic

I have been going to various acupuncturists for 30 years. Alex is in the top 3. She is a skilled practitioner, excellent listener, and genuinely cares about her patients. She is a gift to those of us who are her patients.

Nov 22 2019, Susan Spalding


Lives up to her reputation

I've been hearing good things about Alex for years as a PT in the valley. She was professional, caring and knowledgable. Would definitely recommend and will be!

Nov 18 2019, Kate S


Alex is the best

I have just one session with Alex And right away I feel so much better She is great Thank you Alex

Nov 11 2019, Erica Tovar



Alex is professional, deft with the needles and explains exactly what she is doing. I highly recommend her as an acupuncturist and lovely person.

Nov 11 2019, Mary Dominick


So much gratitude!

Alex is intuitive and wise, kind, and so aware. I always feel like she listens to me and understands what my body is needing- I am incredibly grateful to be working with her!

Nov 7 2019, Christina Yinger


Alex is Awesome!

Alex is Awesome! I have aight put energy workers and healers from all over the world and there’s just something about Alex that is truly spectacular. Her work goes beyond acupuncture. I would recommend everyone go see her!

Oct 31 2019, Katherine McIntosh


Alex is knowlegable as well as compassionate

I highly recommend Alex. She is kind and gentle and her skills allow for relief with her acupuncture.

Oct 30 2019, Shae Singer



Alex is the best. No one better. She takes the time to diagnose what the issue is and works with you to get the best results.

Oct 30 2019, L.P.


Alex is the best!

Alex is amazing! She's intuitive, empathetic and able to hone in on exactly what you need. She came highly recommended by others in the community and it's easy to see why.

Oct 24 2019, Andrea L


Not just the best in town, the best!

Alex is a true professional in her field. She is kind, knowledgable and caring. Her facilities are the finest; clean, contemporary and easy to find.

Oct 20 2019, Susan S


Forgot what it meant to have someone show you how to find your zen, mind body and soul!

I heard so many great things about Alex Leddy Acupuncture that I just knew I had to be part of this great place. I knew it would change (slow down) my busy world and get my health and zen back, and that she has done for me and so much more. I am so thankful and happy I took the time to enter this Zen world of Alex Leddy Acupuncture. She has a heart of gold and has so much patience that just makes you grateful for having such an amazing practice here. Thank you, Alex Leddy!

Oct 9 2019, C.N.



I had one session with Alex and I already feel so much better - I can't wait to see her again. She was great.

Sep 10 2019, Elizabeth Granado


Wonderful, intuitive treatment

I believe I have written previously, but I will repeat that Alex is an extraordinary young woman with a true talent and professional training to accompany her inherent skills. If you believe, relax and listen the healing will come - not in a rush, but a bit at a time.

Aug 25 2019, Mary Dominick



When I first started seeing Alex the pain in my knee was anywhere from a 5 to an 8. Now it’s a 0 to a 3. My whole body feels better. I have a lot of room to further improve. Thanks to Alex’s skill and care, I feel more hopeful, more capable than I have in a long, long, looooong time. I’m committed to renewing a healthy relationship with my body and emotions. Seeing Alex once a week is vital for my healing. What a gift to have a master of Chinese holistic medicine right here in our little town!

Aug 24 2019, Barbara Bloemsma


Excellent treatment

Alex has always been very knowledgeable and professional. She always gives you options during your treatment and great listener with all my concerns. I’ll be back!

Aug 24 2019, Tomas F


A Real Life Healer Is Among Us.

I truly believe that the universe conspired to put Alex Leddy in my life. In all of my attempts to seek professional help for my anxiety, I have never felt seen until I met Alex. Acupuncture with Alex is my saving grace and I don’t say that lightly. She genuinely cares and knows exactly what to do to put my restless heart at ease. I left her office today in tears of gratitude bc I finally felt a peace of mind that I haven’t felt in weeks. Alex is a true healer and I am lucky to know her.

Aug 16 2019, Jill Stephens


Best Accupuncture in the Valley

Alex Leddy is fantastic! I have a disease called cervical dystonia, which is a movement disorder, similar to Parkinson’s. It is extremely painful and debilitating. Alex has helped me managed my symptoms and reduce pain. I highly recommend Alex Leddy Accupuncture!

Aug 15 2019, Shelly Fields


Nothing but amazing!

Alex was beyond wonderful. She is comforting and very knowledgeable. I received a cupping and acupuncture treated. She is very educated and does an amazing job on explaining everything. I would highly recommend seeing Alex. You will not be disappointed.

Aug 2 2019, Jenna Kendall


Alex is amazing

Alex is a fabulous acupuncturist who provides professional, friendly and individualized care. She is highly knowledgeable and can treat a wide variety of conditions.

Jul 27 2019, KRISTA FOX


First - But NOT Last Visit

This was my first visit. Alex did a great job of getting an exact understanding of my issues. I'm an ex teacher, so I really appreciate how she explains what each treatment is, how it works, and how it relates to my issues. We had an honest discussion about a plan and she took my input/preference seriously. I also appreciate her pricing, a fixed treatment fee. She did several things including acupuncture and external treatments. I didn't have to worry about what they would all total up to.

Jul 26 2019, J.H.


real estate broker

Alex is such a good listener and an otherworldly healer. Solves problems that the regular medical establishment says weren't possible.

Jul 24 2019, BJ Adams



Alex is a healer. She treats the whole person- physically, emotionally, spiritually. Her determination and ability to help are undeniable. She is both knowledgeable and intuitive. I am very thankful to work with her. I find her care to be necessary.

Jul 22 2019, Barbara Bloemsma 


Simply the best

Excellent job. Always feel great after an appointment with Alex! She is a true healer and great at her job.

Jul 11 2019, John Whipple


Lower back pain

Had a lower back pain and the cupping and acupuncture helped a lot ! Feeling much better. Thank you.

Jun 19 2019, Thiago Campos



Alex is an exceptional acupuncture specialist. She truly listens to her clients, asks questions to make sure she understands the issue(s), and completely puts you at ease with the process. Her "bedside manner" is personal, professional, and caring. I felt progress after my first session. I highly recommend Alex - and she takes my insurance!

Jun 5 2019, Vicki True


Terrific! 5/28/19

Alex is professional, knowledgeable, adept and caring. She asks pertinent questions and is interested in whole body awareness and health. I will continue with whatever treatment she recommends.

May 29 2019, Mary Dominick


Amazing Service

Alex Leddy Acupuncture was professional and intentional. I left feeling renewed, energized, and grateful!

May 27 2019, E.L.


Worth it!

Alex was very knowledgeable, caring and great personality. She always me made feel comfortable, heard my needs and concerns. Very professionally now I’m feeling better today!

May 24 2019, T.F.


Phenomenal Professional

Alex is one of the most distinguished practitioners both in her command of Eastern medicine and alternative health modalities, but also in her demeanor and genuine concern for each patient and every situation. She is truly passionate about her profession and it shows!

May 24 2019, Julia Pirrung


Alex is excellent

Alex Leddy is an excellent, professional provider of acupuncture. I have worked with a number of people over the years and she is among the best.

May 18 2019, AspenMom



Alex was very interested in my overall well-being and asked good questions about overall health and stress level so that she could apply the best treatments she could. She was attentive to my comfort with acupuncture and the cups. I look forward to coming back to Aspen and using her services.

May 18 2019, Chuck 


Neck pain

I had tried massage to break up the knots in my neck. The masseuse recommended I try cupping and acupuncture. It has provided me with the relief I was looking for. Excellent work Alex ❣️

May 16 2019, Candice Christensen



Alex is fantastic, I have seen her regularly since 2015, she always listens to what is going on and treats accordingly. Alex had helped me with everything, whether it is stress, stomach issues, carpal tunnel or back problems, she can treat it all. Thanks Alex for taking such great care of me.

May 2 2019, Mhairi L


The best!!

Professional, immaculate, healing. Alex is wonderful. Totally rejuvenating. Cupping and accupuncture are superb.

Apr 21 2019, Larry Butler


Book an Appointment!!

My body has never been healthier or happier. Alex is a blessing. Professional. Organized. Her knowledge is outstanding. I promise if you go see her you will notice a difference in just one visit. Thank you for everything Alex!!!

Apr 3 2019, Brynn U. 


Knowledgeable and caring

Alex is an impressive professional Chinese medicine practioner and acupuncturist who provides compassionate and individualized care.

Mar 24 2019, K.F.


Alex is great

She has helped me with numerous issues. She is gentle, caring, and thorough. I have seen many acupuncturists over the years and she is among the best.

Mar 21 2019, Aspen Mom


Glad to be back!

As an active 55 year old, the treatment and relief Alex provides keeps me balanced, free of aches and pains, while keeping my mind in tune.

Mar 19 2019, Ed Orzech



Alex is great. She is very pleasant very knowledgeable and genuinely interested in your overall health and well-being

Mar 15 2019, NICOLETTE K


Alex Leddy Accupunturist

Alex Leddy is a superb Accupunturist whom I have known and have had treatments from for several years. I highly recommend her.

Mar 14 2019, Valerie Shields


Leave feeling better each time!

Alex is very thorough and talented in this art - I feel that she really listens to what is causing an issue for me and addresses that. Not only is she very personable and caring, but I feel better when I leave and have continued to feel better during 5 weeks of treatment. Definitely worth the time investment in yourself!

Feb 20 2019, Snowwillow



Alex is simply amazing. She is in touch with her patients and uses her knowledge and expertise to provide immediate physical and emotional relief. Can't recommend her enough.

Jan 14 2019, K.K.


Great Results!

I have suffered from knee and shoulder pain since my youth. This has been the best pain management and relief I have experienced. Alex is an absolute miracle worker! Every session has improved on recovery time noticeably over the last few months!

Jan 2 2019, K.D.


I am truly impressed with Alex and her practice

I have had great improvement with my bilateral plantar fasciitis and knee pain after one session. Thanks Alex.

Dec 16 2018, Ray Knable


Alex is Amazing! I highly recommend!

I have been using Alex for several years now. She is spectacular! I have had her help me for all kinds of injuries including neck, pelvic, sterum, and ankle. I even went to her when I was pregnant as well. I became a national milk donor and she was even on their preapproved Acupunturist list which I didn’t know could disqualify me from donating my milk if I wasn’t using someone they approved. She is very knowledgeable and sweet. She is the best and I love going to her.

Dec 7 2018, A.S.


Alex is a rockstar, goddess & healer extraordinaire

I love my sessions with Alex. Her sessions leave me deeply relaxed, better recovered from too many sports, and feeling awesome. Plus, it's always great to see her smiling face.

Nov 15 2018, Julie C


Relaxing and rejuvenating!

I always leave feeling rested and less tense! I love the warm, comfy bed, relaxing music and sounds, and ambiance of the rooms. Its always nice to catch up with Alex and I always seem to slip into a deep sleep while she lets me "cook."

Nov 14 2018, Kristy Bates



Alex has been a monumental part of my healing from a neck and back injury. She is so well versed in her field and is very up-to-date on a variety of new methods, and medicines. I have had great results with cupping and acupuncture. I highly recommend Alex.

Nov 10 2018, J.R.


Neck and shoulder soreness is gone!

My body says thank you :) ✨??? . Looking forward to be back! Helped me with my neck and shoulder soreness due to my daily gym training work out routine . Dr Leddy is such a great professional and I totally recommend to anyone ! Thank you Alex !

Nov 8 2018, Thiago Campos



First time getting acupuncture, Alex is great! Has an incredible understanding of your body and what will be best places to place the needles! I highly recommend Alex for acupuncture!

Oct 27 2018, Scott M


Wonderful Experience

My experiences with Alex have been great. She takes the time to discuss your health issues, makes recommendations for treatment and makes sure you understand those treatments and are comfortable with them. She is able to treat multiple issues at once and in most cases I noticed immediate results.

Oct 21 2018, Rob B


great accupunture & herbalist

Alex Leddy is a knowledgeable acupuncturist & herbalist. She is very personable and easy to work with. She is able to file insurance which is also a huge plus. Alex came highly recommended to my family and we also highly recommend her to you. Choose her, you will be glad you did!

Oct 15 2018, L. Merrick



Alex has been extremely knowledgable and helpful on assisting on road to feeling stronger and healthier

Oct 6 2018, D.W.


Fantastic Practice

I have been going to Alex for the past 4 years for a multitude of different things. I have always had great results and really believe in the practice of Accupuncture. I hardly ever see a G.P. anymore. I love the results without having to pump my body full of crappy western medicine. Alex is through and extremely thoughtful.

Oct 6 2018, Theresa M



thanks for your help and expertise. Feeling great and stronger, very thankful. Highly recommend Alex!

Oct 3 2018, DS


A true Healer

Incredible knowledge and excellent care. She is a healer with great energy and very pleasant office environment. Thank you Dr Alex

Sep 27 2018, Trenton Harrison


Amazing prodiver!

Alex Leddy is knowledgeable, professional and excellent. I have used her to eliminate leg pain and chronic stomach. Her knowledge level of herbs and supplements is excellent. I referred her to so many of my friends.

Sep 25 2018, Michelle Stiller


Alex is the best!

I have been seeing Alex now for over 6 months and I absolutely love her! She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in her treatments. She has helped tremendously with my sleep & stress issues. Not only is she professional but very personable and a lovely person to talk to!

Sep 24 2018, Cara C


Alex is wonderful!!

Every time I leave her office I feel so much better. She has really helped me w/ hip pain and just feeling all around better!

Sep 20 2018, L.L.


Great acupuncturist

Alex is amazing! I have had migraines that last days and after starting acupuncture with her they have been gone! Highly recommended! She is also so very sweet

Sep 18 2018, Crystal Davis



Alex is amazing. She listens to your needs and caters to them. She is professional and the results are outstanding.

Sep 14 2018, K.K.



What an experience! From the moment you walk in to the new office you feel welcomed and comfortable. Beautiful design and a calming vibe. Alex is great, super knowledgeable, professional and a great at her craft. Highly recommend visiting her office.

Sep 14 2018, Ross Daniels


The absolute best!

I have been going to Alex for a few years and she has helped me with a myriad of problems, specifically back and sciatica issues. My sciatica has never bothered me again after a series of sessions and I still continue to go for general wellness. I cannot recommend Alex enough, so has worked miracles and I am forever grateful for her work!

Sep 11 2018, Jamie Contractor


Life saver!

I’ve seen Alex for treatment for 4 years. She’s professional, skilled and now we have a standing monthly appointment! She has helped me with: illness, general immunity, sinus and upper respiratory infections, tendinitis and other injuries, sleep, seasonal allergies, anxiety, grief and stress. I can’t recommend her highly enough! I was a doubter but now I can’t imagine my general wellness not including acupuncture. I can’t imagine trusting another provider as much as I trust her! Thanks, Alex!!

Sep 8 2018, Lisa P


Alex is truly amazing!

I go to Alex for acupuncture and cupping to help with multiple autoimmune diseases and their sometimes challenging symptoms. Alex is so thorough with her treatment that it give me so much hope. I look forward to the times I get to see her, as I always feel so much better when I leave. Alex is a true gift.

Aug 17 2018, K.J.



Acupuncture with Alex is awesome. She is very knowledgeable and attentive and makes sure you are very comfortable during your visit. Highly recommended!

Jul 31 2018, Kyle Landers


Alex Leddy Is My Hero!

I wish I could see Alex every day of my life. Acupuncture with her has benefited my life in so many ways. From Alex’s genuine spirit to whatever those tiny needles do to soothe my chaotic mind and body, I’m a better human being because of it. If you have the opportunity to make an appointment with Alex, do it. You won’t be sorry.

Jul 25 2018, Jill Stephens


First visit

My condition is chronic pain, mtn bike accident. Giving multiple visits a chance. Time will tell. Success

Jul 21 2018, Stanley Shaffran



She is amazing, flexible and truly knows what she is doing. She can get me in when I really need it. She even has helped my baby with his teething and sleeping better. This is one happy mommy.

Jul 17 2018, Michelle Hurley


Great practice

Alex was great. Her knowledge of Eastern medicine is amazing. She helped my tennis elbow tremendously with one treatment! Can’t wait to see her next week!

Jul 11 2018, Michele King Soffer



Alex is extremely professional; I highly recommend her. From her intake process through her level of care, she is top notch.

Jul 11 2018, Katherine Fry


She made me feel so good

It was nice to get back to Aspen and Alex Leddy who helps me make it through the summer. She is caring and kind with an intuitive practice.

Jun 12 2018, Marie W



Best Around

Alex is amazing. She knows I get super busy and forget. She will text me to remind me and send me appointment times. She meets the needs of me and my family. She remembers the things we talk about, which makes me feel important.

Jun 12 2018, Michelle Hurley


Staying Well

Alex is a gifted practitioner with perfect intuition. Every visit is different and healing. I trust her completely. 

May 23 2018, Marla Butler



Having acupuncture with Alex helps to keep my body in alignment and the treatment is very relaxing. It is a great way to treat your body. 

May 16 2018, M.B.



Everything I needed and more. Amazing atmosphere. Very relaxing. Most friendly staff ever. Thanks alex

May 8 2018, Ben B


Great Treatment!

Alex is very professional and gave me a great treatment. I LOVE cupping and that was one of my best experiences with it. I felt so wonderful afterwards. I'll be back!

Apr 8 2018, Liz C


Paula Prikryl

Alex is the best! The therapy works!!! The studio is bright cheery and clean. The staff is warm and friendly. The appointments are on time. I would recommend Alex to everyone.

Apr 3 2018, Paula Prikryl


A great introduction to acupuncture

My wife is a physician and has been sending patients to Alex for a few years now. With my extensive orthopedic injuries, surgeries, and recurring pain issues, I followed her advice and made an appointment for treatment. I've been in the medical field for 30 years and was impressed with Alex at every level. Her professionalism, bedside manner, thoroughness, and technique were flawless. I will be seeing her for years to come.

Mar 24 2018, Troy Miller


The best!

I've seen Alex on and off for several years over different ailments. Each time, I receive true compassion and amazing results. Acupuncture is not an alternative to tradtional practice but my first choice to start dealing with any issues (colds, back aches, thyroid, muscle sprains). And after seeing many acupuncturist in all the places I have lived, Alex is the absolute BEST!

Mar 8 2018, Susan S


First Time for Acupuncture

Alex was thorough and patient explaining the treatment to me. I enjoyed the session and will be seeing her again. You can tell she takes much pride in her work and is extremely knowledgeable. I am looking forward to some great results. Maury B

Mar 7 2018, Maury B


Ongoing patient

Alex is great! She is calming and is always focused on me and how I'm feeling. I would recommend her to anyone....

Mar 5 2018, Paige A


New spot

Alex is in a new spot but it’s still the same incredible experience. Her professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. Plan ahead because she’s in demand!!

Mar 1 2018, Cory G


Alex Leddy is Awesome

I went to see Alex for the first time this last week. It was a great experience. Alex really listens to my concerns and explains my treatment options very clearly. I was apprehensive about accupuncture, but her calm demeanor put me at ease and made the process quite comfortable. 

Feb 17 2018, Ryan L


Unquestionably, a healer

In one visit, solved completely a medical problem I'd spent an entire year trying to cure with a handful of doctors, x-rays, MRIs, medication, etc., all to no avail. Alex knows what she's doing, and a 6th sense, no question about that.

Feb 6 2018, B.A.



Confident and smart. I’ve found my practitioner in Aspen! I walked in suffering the winter cold/flu. Alex zeroed in and went for it, treating my sinuses, digestive system and neck. Felt like I’d taken 3 Valium when I walked out of her office. 

Jan 22 2018, Marla Butler


Alex is amazing!!

I have been seeing Alex Leddy for 2 years now. I came to her because I had serious anxiety issues. She has been amazing at helping me managing my stress and anxiety levels . I us d to wake up in the middle of the night with panic attacks and that does not happen anymore. Whether I see her for anxiety, headaches, energy levels- whatever symptoms i may be experiencing, she manages to put those needles in the right places to help me overcome these symptoms. Alex is very professional. 

Jan 21 2018, M.D.


In good hands

Alex always takes care of my main issue of the day and manages to decrease underlying problems as well. I love her healing touch and expertise!

Jan 17 2018, Barbara Lish



Dr. Leddy has a very sensitive, gentle approach to your care. I loved every minute of my session. Definitely recommend.

Dec 21 2017, S.M.


1st visit

I was a new comer to acupuncture. A few colleagues had referred me to Alex for treatment in lieu of massage. Alex made me feel calm and was very organized and professional. I immediately felt the effects of the session, and look forward to my next session. 

Dec 20 2017, Paige A


Good Beginning!

Alex was thorough with her initial process and was confident about the protocol. The treatment was good and I look forward to future appontments!

Dec 7 2017, Candice Oksenhorn


Excellent work

Alex always checks in with me at the beginning of the appointment and adjusts treatment to my needs. I love the online scheduling and reminder email. Alex is an amazing healer--I highly recommend her!

Dec 7 2017, Nancy P


Alex saves me from Fibromyalgia hell

I've been seeing Alex for months for relief from Fibromyalgia pain and tightness. She's amazing, I will recommend her to anyone looking for a great solution for pain management without drugs.

Nov 30 2017, Ellen Winter


Great service experience

Alex is a knowledgable, professional provider, and located centrally. She is easy to book on line and communicates well.

Nov 29 2017, anna b


True professional

After 100+ appointments Alex still continues to offer the best treatments and always adapts to new requests and needs. Alex comes with the highest recommendation.++++++

Nov 9 2017, Cory G


So far

So GOOD, yes? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nov 2 2017, David Mindenhall


Overall Improved Well Being

I started going to Alex for neck pain but over the last couple of years I have had an over all improvement in my well being. From my immune system to mental heath. Complete care. Thank you 

Oct 29 2017, L.G.


Wonderful experience!

Alex has the refreshing gift of listening and genuinely reading her patients. My daughter suffers from migraines, and Alex has put her on a plan that is working very well. We are so grateful to have a natural path. Thank you! 

Oct 26 2017, J Petersen


Life Enhancing

Alex's exceptional skills in acupuncture, combined with her astute listening and learning abilities, hard work and genuine caring attitude ensure a holistic, revitalizing experience with every visit.

Oct 21 2017, Grateful Customer


Alex Is My Hero!!!!

I’ve been seeing Alex for about a year now and to look back at the scared, anxious, stressed out person that I was compared to the more mellowed out, focuses, even keeled, happy-go-lucky me now, is almost unbelievable. Alex has not only become my saving grace but also a dear friend. If you’re considering Acupuncture, I gently urge you, from the bottom of my heart, to visit with her. Working with Alex this past year has been one of the best decisions of my life. 

Oct 10 2017, Jill Stephens


Excellent Acupuncturist

I highly recommend Ales Leddy - she is an excellent acupuncturist & has helped me with healing multiple ailments.

Sep 28 2017, Liz Long


Alex Leddy Acupuncture, you will not be disappointed!

Alex Leddy is very passionate about helping others. Alex always provides a caring heart, a great knowledge base and a unique care for my wife and I that is rarely seen today! I highly recommend Alex Leddy Acupuncture.

Sep 16 2017, Patrick Hurley


Restore Balance and Wholeness

I see Alex Ledy once a month for the last year. Each visit I have with her is about achieving harmony with the core of who I am. I am sensitive being and with every needle I ask her why and what does each placement of the needle do. She listens to my needs and educates me every step of the way. Alex Ledy taps into my core and relieves any toxins I am carrying. Balance and wholeness is what I seek. Alex Ledy I can't thank her enough.

Sep 16 2017, Sidra B



I have know Alex for a few years. She has helped me with back pain she is very kind and very professional 

Aug 26 2017, M.G.


Accupuncture Treatment

Alex did a great job throughout the entire procedure; from diagnosis/discussion of ailments to explaining the treatment process she would apply and why.Technique and demeanor was excellent. 

Aug 25 2017, Ivan



I was new to acupuncture. Alex talked me through everything and made me feel very comfortable. I would definitely recommend her to others. 

Aug 24 2017, L.H


Best in town!

I always come to Alex on my visits to Aspen. She is the best in town, and very kind, compassionate and really knows her stuff!!

Aug 18 2017, Nina Desloge



With constant back pain, I looked to acupuncture. Alex was amazing in giving acupuncture as well as cupping and estem treatment to ease my pain for my active lifestyle.

Aug 5 2017, Ryan Thiers


Preventing surgery

With back issues forcing consideration for another surgery, I turned to acupuncture. It's been 9 months on and off, and my consideration for surgery is on the back table for now. I am grateful that Alex is able to help. Her knowledge and caring touch will keep me coming back.

Aug 5 2017, V.W.



Such a professional & successful experience! Alex is so easy to visit with as she is gathering information for the treatment plan. Her knowledge is very in depth which produced excellent results!

Jul 20 2017, Susan


Wonderful Experience

Very friendly, helpful, professional, and knowledgeable. Made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Would recommend her to others.

Jul 14 2017, Dorian Emery



Alex is professional and always on time. She does a great job and the sessions have kept my neck pain at bay. 

Jul 11 2017, M.A.



Very knowledgeable, perceptive practitioner. Easily exceeds expectations. Definitely my first choice for acupuncture!

Jul 5 2017, a.b.



Alex listens carefully and works so hard to ensure that her services are precisely matched to the needs of the customer. I always feel so much better after a visit and am in awe of her knowledge and abilities.

Jul 1 2017, A B



It was suggested that I see her for back issues while pregnant & a breech baby. Even after 1 visit I already fee so much better in my back that I will continue to see her. Amazing, knowledable and so professional 

Jun 23 2017, Michelle Hurley



I love the cupping. I have never had it before and it is quite amazing! Alex has had her challenges with me but is doing a great job. I really felt energized after the first few visits. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to find an alternative to traditional western medicine. I can't wait for my next visit. 

Jun 6 2017, Priscilla Prohl Cooper


Acupuncture with Alex

Alex is a real pro. She is warm, knowledgable and professional and I always feel relaxed and balanced after a session with her. I have seen Alex to help heal injuries, aid sleep, and for general wellbeing. I highly recommend her and as a matter of fact I do recommend her to my clients.

May 24 2017, Dawn Shepard


So helpful!

Alex continues to help and heal. I have been seeing her for about a year and she constantly researches ways to manage issues and symptoms resulting in improvement nearly every visit. I really appreciate her professional style and kind nature.

May 24 2017, Barbara L



Alex is a true professional. She continues to impress me with every visit. Great results! I highly recommend her. 

May 11 2017, D.G.



Alex is very professional and knowledgeable and friendly. I feel great every time I leave. 100 percent recommend her.

May 9 2017, K.K.


Pinching nerves

Very pleasant ... Gets better but not totally... She did very good job I like her looking forward to continue the acupuncture 

Apr 15 2017, P.H.


Highly recommended

Alex is incredibly knowledgeable and thoughtful in her practice and about the people she treats. The space is convenient in the core of town and very welcoming. Her dedication is present in every aspect of a self-practice - highly recommend her!!

Apr 14 2017, Jenny L 


I can not recommend Alex Leddy enough! Alex is a real pro, she is organized, she listens and I always leave a session with her feeling relaxed and taken care of. 

Apr 11 2017, Dawn Shepard


Alex Leddy

Alex is very professional and thorough. She is very good at listening to what your health issues are and providing the best care to help with those issues. I have been seeing Alex for about a year and a half now. She has helped me immensely! I cannot say enough good things about her. She's the best!! 

Apr 7 2017, M.D.



Alex is a professional, thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable acupuncturist. I felt completely at ease in her care, and feel much better after her services!

Apr 6 2017, Rachel Levy



Once again Alex Leddy is top in her field! I received a treatment the other day, my first in months and I feel a thousand times better. Alex's bedside manner and knowledge of the healing arts made my ecoerience top notch. Thank you Alex!!!

Mar 31 2017, B.V.



Alex continues to be a great part of my ongoing recovery from a back injury. Each appointment shows me the dedication to her profession. 

Mar 31 2017, Cory G


Worth a visit

More than competent services provided efficiently and on time. Great ambiance and I'm planning on continuing with Alex.

Mar 12 2017, anna b


Extremely Proffesional

I have been going to Alex for about 5 months after a recommendation from my wife and kids!! All 5 of us love going to her! We highly recommend her to anyone that asks about acupuncture or cupping!! We all notice the difference if we do not go regularly!

Mar 4 2017, Neil Stapleton


Outstanding Acupunturist

I've been seeing Alex for over a year and have been getting "cupping" for nearly five months which has eased my pain and relieved my tension tremendously. I feel like a new woman every time I walk out. And can now flex my arms like "Michelle Phelps" in the mirror. Alex's warm demeanor and genuine concern for curing her client's ailments is over the top and I could not recommend a better therapist for acupuncture and cupping. She is very knowledgeable and can make accurate diagnoses.

Feb 25 2017, Vivian Williams


Very Statisfied Customer

Alex is great. She will be extremely honest with you in what she can and also what she can not help you with. Very professional and great results! 

Feb 24 2017, D.G.


Simply the BEST!

Alex is an incredibly knowledgeable and gifted Acupuncturist. She is very professional and is able to connect intuitively to my every issue. I highly recommend her. She has helped my chronic tightness in my Achilles tendon and my back. I am so grateful!

Feb 16 2017, Annie M


Wonderful in every way!

Alex is charming, efficient and knows her acupuncture. It has been such a help with my stress and arthritis issues. Awesome!

Feb 14 2017, Marie T


Good 1st Experience

Didn't know what to expect when I walked through the door. Have to say that it exceeded my expectations! Got some cupping done and then some acupuncture. Walked out of there feeling like new man. My pains were definitely doing better as soon as I walked out from her office. Will go back 

Feb 9 2017, Gaston Havandjian


Great Service

Alex is a true professional. She has great listening skills which she uses to determine the best treatment for you. The results have been amazing. 

Feb 3 2017, Aspen local



Warm, welcoming, care and concern was how I was treated for my first ever acupuncture session. The treatment went well and one day out I can feel positive energetic changes. This, coupled with follow up communications with Alex after the appointment, made for an overall terrific experience. 

Jan 25 2017, DKL


Results were unbelievable

If your looking for a way to improve your focus, increase your energy level, improve your mood and wake up refreshed (before your alarm even goes off)... look no further. This is the first day after my very first visit and I feel like a completely different person. Couldn't be more satisfied with the results. 

Jan 20 2017, Dallas G



Alex is very knowledgeable and kind. Her bedside manner is excellent. She coached me through my first acupuncture appointment despite my nerves. 

Jan 13 2017, R.B.


Great first visit

I really enjoyed my appointment. Alex is very knowledgeable and I felt a good deal of relief after my first visit. I look forward to more visits. 

Jan 10 2017, Nancy Pickard


Yay Alex!

Alex is simply exquisite. I truly look forward to my weekly appointments with her because I consider my time in her office as a "reset". My quality of life has greatly improved since I started seeing Alex. I highly encourage everyone to see her. 

Jan 10 2017, Jill Stephens


Amazing experience

I had my very first acupuncture treatment with Alex and she made me feel very comfortable at at ease. I always come out with my body and mind feeling so amazing and refreshed. I experience chronic neck pain and every treatment I have here helps tremendously. Alex is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and personable. I highly recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture.

Jan 4 2017, Sydney S



This was the most relaxing accupuncture I have had. very knowledgable and professional. I will be back.

Dec 31 2016, Terre J


True professional

Alex continues to provide the best treatments available. Each of my appointments is well thought out and unique. My progress has been remarkable. 

Dec 24 2016, Cory G


Great experience!

It was my first acupuncture experience and I am so pleased! Alex is very thorough and knowledgeable. I am very excited to continue treatment with her! 

Dec 21 2016, Rachel Martin


Alex Leddy

Can't say enough wonderful things about this woman. Her caring attitude and knowledge of helping with back pain and emotional stress is 5 star. Alex always lends her ear and listens to what the patient is going through. Via cupping she has stopped my stressful back pain and via acupuncture has leveled my anxiety and fears of emotional pain. I visit her weekly to get through the physical and emotional pain and would recommend to anyone seeking a healthy path to recovery.

Dec 16 2016, Vivian W


Alex's treatments improved my quality of life

I have been fighting a chronic illness for many years and generally do pretty well. However, I have struggled with fatigue, pain, and headaches due to the illness and sough out Alex for help. Knowing little about what to expect I have been blown away by the changes to my health! And my quality of life has greatly improved in only 6 weeks of treatment. Alex is so kind, thoughtful and very professional. I highly recommend her.

Dec 15 2016, A.B.


she's lovely

Easy to talk to, receptive, and calming. Highly recommend. I feel great after each appointment. 

Dec 15 2016, patient



Alex is very professional & very personable. She has a very calming nature & goes the extra mile. My cupping & acupuncture Experience was outstanding. She always goes above & beyond to make sure you are taken care of. I always enjoy my sessions with her.

Dec 3 2016, Joy B


knoweledgabe and professional

I was new to acupuncture and had a bit of trepidation. Alex alleviated all of my concerns. Alex is knowledgeable and professional. We were working on lower back and neck issues both of which improved. I wholeheartedly recommend Alex.

Dec 2 2016, V.M



Alex is kind and knowledgable. Couldn't ask for a better experience. She is great with kids and makes sure they are comfortable at all times.

Nov 23 2016, Lars P


Wonderful and Thoughtful Experience

I am beyond happy with my experience at Alex Leddy Acupuncture. I found her to be incredibly gifted in many areas.....all of which make up a holistically divine session! Alex is very thorough. She asks pertinent questions. She takes her time and I can sense that she genuinely wants to help her patients. Her bedside manner is calming and honestly....ethereal. It is always a wonderful feeling to know that you are working with a healer that is on their divine and destined path. 

Nov 20 2016, Jessica Starodoj



I always enjoy going to see Alex Leddy. Her bedside manner is excellent and I always feel comfortable around her. She is very thorough in her assessments. Plus the one hour of relaxation on her treatment table is a blessing in the middle of a busy or active day.

Nov 16 2016, Ramona B


Great Experience

Alex was amazing. She was professional, yet cordial and comfortable. Focused on my ailments and I felt amazing the next day! Keep up the great work!

Oct 25 2016, Todd H


exceptional care

Alex is knowledgable and has wonderful bedside care. She is compassionate and cares about her clients and their issues. She has a gentle touch and is very professional. I have seen her for a wide variety of issues from allergies to aches and pains, and she has had remedies and solutions for all of my needs. 

Oct 21 2016, Jen Schumacher


Alround Great

Alex is a very knowledgeable provider. She is professional, compassionate, and well versed in acupuncture, E-stim, herbal remedies and supportive therapies. Thumbs up for Alex!! 

Oct 16 2016, anna b


Attentive and knowledgeable

Alex is friendly and professional and shows a genuine interest in you. She also has great research skills to recommend the right herbs.

Oct 12 2016, PRA


Amazing professional!

Was my first time trying cupping and acupuncture and she used both techniques into one treatment. It did relieved the stiffness on my lower back and pain as well due to a injury during Wrestling and training at the gym. Already going for my second appointment! Dr Leddy is very professional and knowledgeable! Highly recommend specially if you have constant pains due to physical impacts or any type of mental body stress. And she's super cool.

Oct 10 2016, T.C.



Alex Leddy is by far the best therapist (medical and mental) that exists...she introduced me to "cupping" and relieved my back pain instantly. Fortunately my pain came back to motivate weekly visits again and again and again and recommend her to everyone who crosses my path. Completely bewildered that the RX staff at Clark's Market in Aspen did not know where her office is (right behind their building). There is no one more knowledgeable or compassionate in the field of Acupuncture!

Oct 9 2016, Vivian Suzy


World-Class Care

Alex is remarkable in that she asks the important questions, listens carefully, responds competently and is genuinely concerned about the effectiveness of her treatment and achieving holistic health. She is both gentle and assertive - and knows her trade intimately. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Sep 28 2016, Julia D



I have been to many acupuncturist for some serious issues and Alex is by far the best. She actually listens to you and is patient. I always leave feeling amazing! 

Sep 23 2016, Sarah G


Worth It!

Alex is unbelievable and is clearly very passionate about her work. She takes the time to personally learn about you and makes herself available to answer questions after your appointment which has eased a lot of nerves for me. I thoroughly recommend Alex Leddy Accupuncture. 

Sep 22 2016, Lara-Anne S


Great experience!

Alex is a true professional and has created a relaxing space for her clients. She was on time, respectful, and knowledgeable. Great work!

Sep 14 2016, Megan A


Alex Leddy for President!

Alex is amazing. I went in for my first ever Acupuncture and Cupping appointment yesterday and Alex was absolutely delightful. She answered all of my questions and put my concerns to rest. Visiting Alex will be a new normal in my life. Get on that road to healing, people, and let Alex be your guide! 

Sep 13 2016, Jill Stephens



I had never had acupuncture before and I HATE needles, but Alex walked me through everything and I was surprised by how amazing and relaxing it was. My mother recommended me to her and now I want to recommend her to everyone! 

Sep 7 2016, M.K.


Visit review

Alex Leddy is amazing! She is very knowledgeable and seeks to understand what your symptoms are so she can better help you. Alex has been a great help in managing my anxiety and other health issues. She is personable and bubbly. I highly recommend Alex. 

Aug 23 2016, M.D.


So relaxing.

Felt so good after this. Stress free and relaxed. As if I go a full night sleep and was filled with energy. 

Aug 23 2016, R.I.


Great great experience.

Very knowledgeable! As it was my first time receiving acupuncture, she made me feel very comfortable and explained the exact benefits of it.

Aug 11 2016, N.C.


A very healing experience

I am always amazed at the way I feel leaving Alex's office. She treats the body very holistically so there have been many unexpected benefits from her treatments. My main issues of chronic headaches and repetitive strain injury are now very much under control. Thank you!!

Aug 10 2016, Fiona L


Glad I went

Feeling lighter and brighter! Alex was easy to talk to and offered up manageable treatment options. 

Aug 10 2016, 


Thorough and made process easy

Received acupuncture for the first time with Addy and was really pleased with the explanation of the process and thorough digging through the issues I've been having. Looking forward to more visits.

Jul 20 2016, Katherine P



Alex is very professional and gentle. It is very relaxing to receive accupunture and I would recommend seeing her for anything! 

Jul 18 2016, Jen B



Her Experience, knowledge and caring about the patient is what she does during sessions. Makes you relax and hit the targeted areas. Thanks :-)

Jun 27 2016, D.S. 


Alex Leddy is very knowledgeable and eager to resolve the issues that you are coming in for. She is amazing! The issues I went in for are mostly resolved! It was not an overnight fix, it did take some time, but I am so thankful for her, as I feel 100% better!

Jun 22 2016, M.D.


Alex Leddy Acupuncture

Alex has a very warm, welcoming, and clean office space. She is professional and incredibly knowledgeable. My appointment was very worthwhile and I am excited to go back. I highly recommend Alex to others. 

Jun 14 2016, Emily Farrell



Alex was very knowledgeable, took the time to get to know what I was looking for. I felt relaxed after the session. I would highly recommend Alex to others.

Jun 2 2016, Heather Ryerson


Amazing knowledge and care

Alex is fantastic. She has tried to help me with a nerve problem in my foot. I've had improvement in range and motion in only two sessions. She is an excellent acupuncturist and I highly reccomend her.

Jun 2 2016, Julie Knapp


Acupuncturist seeking acupuncture.

We all need someone to objectively address our imbalances. Thankfully I found Alex Leddy, who not only identified where I needed work, but also addressed my concerns with knowledge and compassion. 

May 29 2016, Amy Gendron



The best Acupucture I have ever had. I did not even notice i looked like a porcupine. Very good treatment. 

May 27 2016, Travis Mclain



Could not be happier with the treatment I received from Alex. She has helped with numerous problems from easing my Crohn symptoms and chronic sinus problems. I always leave with a sense on well being. Caring and professional. 

May 15 2016, Patient



Acupuncture with Alex has been amazing! She has helped me with chronic shoulder pain, anxiety, stress, and allergies! I continue to go back at least once a month!

May 10 2016, T.B.


Thanks :)

As a first timer, Alex made me feel comfortable. She was a great listener when it came to diagnosing any issues that she could help to alleviate. A couple days after my treatment my pain seems to be gone.. I'm looking forward to going back for more treatments.

Apr 25 2016, Michelle H


Wonderfully relaxing and curative

Alex has somehow mastered the fine arts, of not only acupuncture, but cupping as well. I feel all my aches and pains just melting away during a session with her. I look forward to each appointment that I book with her....

Apr 22 2016, Dave R


First time

She was professional and knowledgable. She made me feel comfortable when I was nervous. I will go again for more treatments 

Apr 21 2016, C.S.


first time

My first experience with Alex was great- very thorough! Alex communicated clearly and I felt comfortable with all of her suggestions (but I also felt that I could say no or ask additional questions if needed). I am looking forward to future treatments and continuing to improve my health through acupuncture.

Apr 19 2016, Barbara Lish



Feel much improved after an initial experience.....look forward to continuing the treatment and further progress....... so enthused I decided to try this option in dealing with tight muscles and post surgery nerve issues. Alex is articulate and caring.

Apr 19 2016, Marc F


Thank you Alex!

Years of wear and tear from the "active mountain lifestyle" we all love left me stiff and achy and it was only after seeing Alex Leddy that I feel good again. Now I'm back on my feet able to do the things I love. 

Apr 4 2016, Ted Mahon


Great Experience!

I had my first visit to Alex and I have schedule several more in the coming weeks. She took the time to listen to all my concerns and reasons for coming to see her. I felt she thoroughly understood why I wanted acupuncture and she was able to address my health concerns both with the acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Looking forward to my next visit!

Mar 30 2016, S.B.


Highly recommend

I just completed my first-ever series of acupuncture treatments and I couldn't be happier. Alex answered every question and concern thoughtfully, and explained the purpose of each session's procedure. I was deeply impressed by her professionalism, knowledge, and ability to listen, not to mention her consistently being on time from start to finish. All this, and personally delightful, too! I highly recommend her!

Mar 28 2016, Helen S


I keep coming back

Professional, compassionate,knowledgeable and on time! No place else I'd go for acupuncture services.. 

Mar 20 2016, A.B.


helped my 4 year old

I brought my son to Alex for respiratory problems and weakened immune system. She did a series of sessions on him and he has not been sick since. His chronic cough is gone and we see a huge difference in his energy level. Alex has a very calm and caring energy that made the sessions very enjoyable for him, so much that he was so excited to go! Alex played a huge role in getting our son back to excellent health.

Mar 18 2016, Kaytlyn Shepherd


Makes my day!

Alex is a talented compassionate professional. I look forward to our sessions and they allow me to continue working at the jobs i love.

Mar 17 2016, Anna


Great Acupuncturist!

Feel great after getting acupuncture from Alex for a sinus infection, and being run down. Thanks Alex

Mar 12 2016, Dr. Eric Haynie, D.C.



I absolutely love the flow and way I feel after a session with Alex. I believe that her knowledge with both the cupping and the acupuncture that she delivers is the best that I have personally ever had!

Feb 25 2016, Dave R


contiued excellence

After over thirty visits to Alex, I continue to be absolutely impressed by her dedication to each appointment and to the "homework" she does to continue my progress. I am very blessed to have been referred to Alex. 

Feb 19 2016, Cory G


By far the best!

After seeing many acupuncturist in the cities I've lived in, all who have been great, Alex is superb! She is extremely knowledgeable and caring. Has helped me with a common cold to get back in sync from after baby. I'm so happy I found her! 

Feb 18 2016, Susan S



I sought out Alex via google and boy am I so happy to have found her! She is like a breath of fresh air compared to all of these doctors now-a-days that just want to prescribe and get you out of the office. I have been suffering for years with a condition and with Alex's help I do believe I am starting to reverse YEARS of mistreatment and poor diagnosis. I recommend her to all my acquaintances and friends who are interested in acupuncture. She is amazing. 

Feb 17 2016, Brynn


Wonderful Experience

I had a concussion and have had a loud ringing/humming in my ears since, I went to Alex at the recommendation of a co-worker and found the experience to be extremely relaxing and refreshing. I have noticed a slight decrease in the ringing/humming and look forward to my next treatment. If just for the relaxing experience alone it was very worth the time! Thank you Alex

Feb 11 2016, Leslie B


Professional and caring...

Alex is great. Don't hesitate to get an appointment and see for yourself. She was recommended to me by others in the field, which says something....and I recommend her too. 

Feb 9 2016, Mark D



Alex is gold! Thorough, professional and excellent at what she does. She came to me highly recommended and I will pass on the same to others. Thanks Alex!

Feb 1 2016, M.F.


I highly recommend Alex Leddy!

I have been seeing Alex for anxieties, high blood pressure and chronic headaches. When I get acupuncture treatments on a regular basis from Alex I find relief from these symptoms. She is very thorough at the beginning of the appt, inquiring on your symptoms. I am a believer!! 

Jan 27 2016, M.D.



Alex is amazing at what she does. My results have been incredible. I would recommend her services to anyone. 

Jan 12 2016, Mike Hopson


Great experience!

Alex is not only good at what she has chosen as her life's work but a compassionate, good soul. I recommend her without reservation.

Jan 11 2016, Anna B


Positive progress

Since seeing Alex Leddy, I have steadily improved, both physically and mentally. I look forward to our time together. 

Jan 9 2016, Brenna M


Super Awesome & Amazing

I was in a lot of pain and Alex went out of her way to fit me in her busy schedule. I felt A LOT better after the first appointment. Alex is a talented, caring & compassionate healer. I'm looking forward to going back soon & recommend her highly!

Dec 26 2015, David Payne



Alex was very welcoming and attentive to my individual needs, cannot recommend her enough! AND cannot go enough!

Dec 12 2015, rachael manning


Very helpful, was really willing to give answers

Great practitioner, would recommend to anyone looking for solutions to their dis-ease needs. If she doesn't have the answers I am sure she would be happy to find them. Thanks so much for your help, was having some skin problems and they have almost cleared up and it has been less then a week. Thanks Alex, Keep it up!

Dec 6 2015, Josh Weiss


Amazing first experience

Alex Leddy's name has been mentioned within my circle of friends and family for quite some time. When I was finally willing to seek her help, I only wished I had seen her sooner. She is an amazing listener and I look forward to my continued journey with her.

Dec 4 2015, Brenna Mitchell


Amazing treatment!

I loved my first visit with Alex. She is very knowledgable and caring. My treatment was great- I can't wait for my next one!

Dec 4 2015, Jenni H


A good place to be!

Alex is knowledgeable, a good listener and very skilled in her field. She is able to adjust her treatments to meet individual needs in a warm and friendly atmosphere. I would recommend her without reservation.

Dec 3 2015, Anna B


holistic healing

I was very impressed with Alex comprehensive ApproachOn treatment.From the initial interview and patient Intake informationShe approached MyParticular case Holistically. Me being a lay person in the field of acupuncture, I quickly realizedHow different types of imbalances Can manifest ThemselvesAs physical health issues..After a couple of treatmentsSeveral things were addressedAnd remedied.Thank you Alex

Nov 20 2015, Ben Nelson


Great Care

Alex is knowledgeable and intuitive as an acupuncturist with wonderful skill and compassion towards her clients. I highly recommend her services whether it is to treat a specific ailment or for general well-being. Her offices are pleasant and conveniently located. I always leave her offices feeling rested and generally better than I was before. 

Nov 19 2015, L.R.


Wonders with acupuncture.

Alex has been amazing, after seeing 5 MDs in Aspen & Rose Medical Center in Denver, Alex was recommended to me after deciding to try an eastern medicine approach. Finally I have made huge progress through acupuncture & following Alexs recommended herbs. Alex has weaned me off high doses of antihistamines. Alex knows what she is doing & has more confidence in treating patients than any of the 5 Medical doctors I had previously consulted with all put together. I highly recommend her.

Nov 7 2015, Fiona A


true professional

I am extremely impressed by the work Alex does between my appointments as well as the treatments themselves. She is fully vested in my recovery. 

Oct 30 2015, Cory G


Great service

Alex was very thorough in inquiring about my health issues; supplements I am currently taking, etc. she was attentive to the reasons I am seeking acupuncture. When inserting the needles, she was conscious of my comfort and came in to check up on me after 10 minutes to make sure I was doing okay. Alex is very personable and caring. 

Oct 25 2015, M.D.


Excellent Acupuncture

Alex is extremely competent and very effective! I felt completely different than when I came into the office in the best way possible!

Oct 13 2015, Allison Daily


I Loved Acupuncture

Alex did an incredible job with my first acupuncture treatment.I was a little nervous about acupuncture because I had never had the procedure. She really made me feel comfortable and made the treatment a healing experience. I am very excited to keep working on my treatments with her. 

Sep 25 2015, M.T.


Incredible Healing Experience

Alex is the best! I've had chronic neck and shoulder tension, lower back pain and other issues for years and I started feeling better after my first visit. Her cupping and acupuncture treatments have worked wonders. She was able to zero right in on my trouble spots and I can already feel the difference. In addition to her healing skills, Alex is incredibly intuitive, knowledgeable and professional. I will continue to see her on a regular basis and definitely recommend her.

Sep 23 2015, Anne G




Sep 8 2015, Dan S


Excellent Practitioner

Alex does a wonderful job and is incredibly professional. I definitely recommend her practice to those seeking acupuncture!

Sep 4 2015, Katie E


Balanced practitioner

Alex's professionalism and personal engagement is perfectly balanced. She has a healing presence and her touch is reassuring. Her knowledge of the human body and its quirks is amazing; she listens to patient comments and needs and she is thorough in care. I find that cupping and accupuncture are effective for me. The new office is quiet and exudes business and privacy. I appreciate her willingness to see me quickly and care for me tenderly and professionally.

Aug 28 2015, Cindy Bingham



I found Alex to be professional, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. She takes the time to ask questions about one's well being as well as specific areas. Her office is very clean and welcoming. Alex will go far in her field of acupuncture as she is intelligent and passionate about her work.

Aug 24 2015, M.B.


The gift of an "Angel"

Outstanding, professional, kind,great listener! Goes up & beyond "the eXtra mile" This lady really knows her profession! Her patients come first... She will do whatever it takes & always with a smile! Your health & wellbeing Is always her number one top priority! I am always so impressed by out great I feel after seeing Alex! She's fantastic!

Aug 21 2015, Joy B


First Timer - Very Appreciative

After feeling dismissed by doctors for some rather acute symptoms, I went to Alex for assistance and insight. Not only is she compassionate, receptive and knowledgeable, she is very patient and answers my (million) questions in a professional and reassuring way. She introduced me to Chinese herbs which I have found to be helpful. She is also extremely proactive with insurance which is a huge relief and help. This was my first acupuncture experience and would recommend her to anyone. 

Aug 21 2015, S.H.


Immediate release and healing

Alex responded to my call immediately. I made several appts to heal pain from a car accident injury. I highly recommend her, she's so professional, knowledgeable and gentle. She truly listens too. 

Aug 18 2015, Adriana Lisman


Constant progress

Alex continues to be a constant source of progress and healing for me after twenty plus visits. Still highly recommended. 

Aug 17 2015, Cory G


really helpful

Alex has an amazing body of knowledge and a deft touch. It was my first acupuncture experience and it was amazing AND helpful. Can't wait to return.

Aug 15 2015, greg h


Lovely Experience

I highly recommend Alex Leddy. Her office is beautiful and soothing and her manner is very professional and nurturing. I felt so safe with her. I went to her about swelling under my eyes and I believe she diagnosed and fixed it in the first visit. I will definitely be back.

Aug 12 2015, Renee Linnell


acupunture pain relief

Went to Alex after shoulder replacement surgery. I had extensive physical therapy yet still experienced chronic pain. After just one treatment I got relief. Alex is professional, thorough and caring.

Aug 7 2015, Marilyn frias


Treatment post op knee surgery

Alex was awesome. My knee feels 100 % after one visit. I plan on returning during this recovery. It's made a world of difference already. Thanks Alex

Aug 6 2015, Julie G


Treatment for GI issues

I had on-going issues with pain and nausea that sent me to specialists across the country. A Harvard based doctor told me to try acupuncture, which led me to Alex. After a few short months, I had relief of symptoms that Western medicine doctors and therapies could not resolve. Thanks to Alex (and a wise Harvard doctor) for giving me my health back! 

Aug 4 2015, Elaine Crowley


the best treatment

my body felt renewed! i got so much pain relief from the treatment. Alex listened to what was bother me and catered the teaming to my needs. i will definitely be back

Aug 2 2015, A.V.



This was my first time getting acupuncture and I am hooked. Alex was professional and patiently answered all of my questions. The entire experience was very healing and relaxing. I have visited her practice several times since and have always received the same high level of customer service. Keep up the great work!

Jul 21 2015, Briana Von Ohlen


Wonderful appointment

Great space, very professional service and personal touch. I would definitely recommend Alex as a trusting and knowledgeable professional. 

Jul 9 2015, Christy Mahon


The Best

Alex has changed me from a sickly mess to a healthy mass of energy! This is the first time I have worked with acupuncture, but Alex has shown me that there is truly a place for it. Alex is knowledgeable, compassionate, smart and most of all, loves my dog! I would recommend Alex to anyone and everyone.... 

Jun 30 2015, Elaine C


professional, knowledgeable, empathetic

Alex is one of those professionals that you want to wrap up in a box and give to all of your closest friends and family. That may sound odd, but that's how I feel about her and her practice. I have never tried acupuncture before Alex. I am often a skeptic about holistic practices, but I am very confident in the work Alex does and glad the Aspen Community has a her knowledge and expertise. 

Jun 23 2015, C.K.



I saw Alex the day before I was to run a half marathon. My foot was hurting me and I was not feeling like myself. I saw Alex based upon a friend's recommendation. Alex quickly pinpointed the source of my pain and helped alleviate so that I could run a good race. I am immensely grateful.

Jun 21 2015, Jack



I started seeing Alex for two main problems, chronic neck pain from an old injury and depression Not wanting to have surgery on my neck or to start taking anti depressants acupuncture was kind of a last resort. Now I am pain free and feeling great!!

May 10 2015, Laura


Great progress!!

I have seen Alex over 12 times now and my progress has been incredible. I look forward to each visit. Alex is very invested in my recovery and I feel very lucky to have found an acupuncturist like Alex. I highly recommend a visit!! 

May 7 2015, Cory Garske


What I look forward to most every week!

I'm hooked on acupuncture because of Alex. She is the best! Very caring, intuitive, genuine and good at what she does. Thank you! 

May 2 2015, Lauren G


finally found an acupuncturist in Aspen!

Alex has great energy and is really in tuned with my individual needs. She took her time and was attentive and thorough, which help me relax during the treatments. I'm happy to have found her and would highly recommend her! 

Apr 14 2015, A.W.


Great Care

Alex is very inviting and professional. I am so glad that I found an acupuncturist I trust in Aspen.

Apr 14 2015, Lauren R


So Glad to of Found Acupuncturist Alex!

Alex is wonderful. She is extremely smart, professional, and invested in you as person, as well as, a client. All the treatments I have received have helped me tremendously with chronic lupus that I was diagnosed with recently. She is constantly researching to help me find the best alternative forms of treatment and tries different treatments week to week depending on my ailments. Her office is very cozy and relaxing and I couldn't be happier with my experience. 

Apr 7 2015, Billie McCauley


Puncture satisfaction.

My session with Alex was absolutely Wonderful. Her assessment was thorough and the treatment spot on. I live in New York and in aspen several times a year. I will make it my business to have a treatment with her on every visit. 

Mar 19 2015, Syd shef


Great First Visit

Alex is very attentive and focused. She shows genuine concern for her patients wellness and creates a plan for your individual needs. I look forward to our next session. 

Feb 28 2015, S.B.



Alex is most knowledgable in acupuncture. Plainly speaking, she really has her act together. Highly recommended. 

Feb 27 2015, Jeff Yusem


Great first session.

Alex was fantastic! She was thorough, thoughtful and inspired trust. Looking forward to future sessions with her.

Feb 25 2015, Dawn Shepard


Just getting started

I had my first appt. with Alex yesterday. My injury will require many visits but the atmosphere and the first treatment were incredible. I can't wait to continue. I highly recommend a visit. 

Feb 18 2015, Cory Garske


Feeling great

I had a cold and was very congested before I saw Alex. Now, I can easily breath out of my nose and, with some herbs, am on a fast track to feeling much better. Thanks Alex!

Jan 22 2015, H.D.


Incredible for Numerous Issues

Alex has been working with me for the past few weeks on numerous different issues including stress, knee pain and low energy. Her techniques including acupuncture, cupping and usage of Chinese herbs have made a huge difference! On top of that, Alex is a down to earth, good energy person and I wouldn't want anyone else performing acupuncture on me. I will continue to use her services rather than going to a traditional care provider.

Jan 9 2015, Jenny Yurechko


Sick with the flu

Tues am I woke on day 2 with the flu & was so sick I could barley muster enough energy/body strength to get up. I already called off sick on Mon & was feeling horrible! My appt with Alex was for that am & I didn't think I could actually get my body to her office. I was tough to deal with because I never get sick. Alex was calm, gentle & kind as I laid on the table for my treatment & fell asleep for the first time in 48 hours. After my treatment I returned to work the following day with a smile!

Jan 8 2015, Natasha MacArthur



Alex has helped me greatly in our quest towards a family. She is professional, friendly, and a great listener. If she doesn't know the answer that minute, she'll find out and call or email me. I would highly recommend her.

Dec 19 2014, Lisa Pranno


Pain Management

Alex is very professional and listens to concerns on which to focus her efforts. I have experienced renewed health and vitality thanks to Alex

Dec 18 2014, Jeffrey Bingham


Back on the trail

Alex has been amazing. After months of knee pain (ITBS) and only being able to run 2 miles without pain, I'm back to running at 100%. I'm now a few weeks out before I race my second 50k trail race and I am certain that this wouldn't have been possible without her work. I highly recommend making an appointment with Alex.

Nov 15 2014, Zachary Luchs



My experience with Alex was wonderful. I was a little skeptical, but received lower back relief soon after my first appointment. I highly recommend seeing her. 

Nov 4 2014, Scott Dorais


Outstanding Services

Outstanding acupuncture and above and beyond professionalism in dealing with appointments and insurance. I highly recommend. 

Oct 29 2014, Amy Carter


Alex is amazing!!

I was suffering from bad circulation, dizziness and lack of energy. Once Alex Leddy worked her magic, I have never been better. I would highly encourage a visit to her office on a regular basis. Her prices are affordable and well worth it. It is great to find a health provider that truly cares about my health.

Oct 23 2014, Scott Quigley


O. M. G. She's fabulous!

I had a ruptured disk (L4-5), and successful surgery... But was still limping and walking with a cane. Slowly. After 1 session with Alex, I was walking better, had improved dorsaflextion, less pain, and left the cane behind. I can't say enough wonderful things about her skills. I made another appointment for Monday. Thanks Alex !

Oct 5 2014, Alan May 


Comfortable, Relaxing, and Rejuvenating!

Alex makes you feel welcome and comfortable, regardless of whether you are new to acupuncture or you are a seasoned pro. She is very thorough, targets your needs, answers your questions. Alex listens to your feedback as she places the needles, which I believe improves the overall experience and end result. I personally loved cupping! It's like a spa massage and I left feeling incredibly relaxed!

Jun 24 2014, Jennifer L


The place to go to get pricked!!

I first started going to Alex about 6 months ago. I had never been to get acupuncture before so was a bit hesitant. However, she made me feel incredibly comfortable and has been helping since day 1. I'll continue to see her!!! 

Apr 14 2014, Jenny Jacque


Aspen's Best Find for Acupuncture

I was lucky to find Alex at the Taste of Aspen last December. She offered a complimentary trial treatment and I was sold. Her professionalism, latest technique in the field and genuine care for her clients are above standard. Her office is small and loud, yet together we came up with the solution to provide headphones with soothing music to listen to block surrounding noise. Within three visits, Alex has improved my overall well-being. I will continue to see Alex on a regular basis. 

Feb 4 2014, Vivian Williams



Had a great treatment with Alex. She helped restore my focus and motivation and the very next day I obtained a commercial real estate listing. She's exceptional and I have been many times and plan to go back again in the future. 

Sep 12 2013, Kellen Porter 

July 16, 2013


As someone who thought they would never, ever do acupuncture, I can't recommend Alex enough. I have suffered from migraine headaches my whole life. I finally decided to try an alternative method of healing since the medication I was on didn’t work.


Alex is not only an amazing professional, she is a wonderful person. She takes her time to truly get to know you.  She wants to figure out the root of your problem, not just rush you through the session. I was really nervous my first time since I have a fear of needles. Alex instantly put me at ease and when I got woozy from the first few needles, she took them out right away, stayed with me until I felt better, and then when I decided I was ready to re-try it, she eased me back in by letting me know exactly what she was doing, every step of the way.


I saw Alex once a week and she always made a point to check in on how I was feeling, how the last week was for me, how my headaches were doing, etc. She really listens to you and was determined to make sure I started to feel better. I haven't had a serious migraine in 3 months and I stopped taking all my prescription medication.


Whether you're seeking pain relief from a medical ailment or want to bring balance to your life, Alex is the only person I would recommend to help get you there.

Brett Qualters

Events Services Coordinator, Insomniac Events

Los Angeles, CA

July 15, 2013


Last year I was diagnosed by my orthopedic surgeon as having a ruptured disc in my lower spine. The pain made it difficult to bend down and even walk. The doctor, besides administering an epidural shot for relief, suggested acupuncture. I went ahead and was treated by Alex Leddy for about six months of weekly treatments at Emperor's College in Santa Monica, California. I was surprised to find there was no pain from the needles and much to my relief, a gradual lessening pain in my back. Within a few months I was able to function normally in my teaching job at UCLA, and even resumed my twice-a-week exercise classes.

Alex is an intelligent, caring, and gentle acupuncturist. Before each procedure she describes the treatment and why it is being done. You know what to expect and can relax. Her gentle manner greatly helps, and as a backdrop, she has a cool selection of soft music that facilitates the relaxation.
I highly recommend Alex Leddy as a caring person who is very effective in her profession as an acupuncturist.

Frank Blair

Professor at UCLA

Los Angeles, CA

                                                     June 14, 2013


I originally went to see Alex for help with my allergies and sinuses. But before I knew it - within only a session or two actually - I noticed that not only was I breathing better, but my mood was better and I was sleeping better! I felt grounded, centered, and more energized. Acupuncture works on restoring balance and health to the whole body, and Alex really knows how to guide your body to achieve that state. She's also really easy to talk to and truly listens to what you have to say without any judgment, which is often hard to find!


Holly Sidell

Health & Fitness Professional, Intensati Instructor, Reiki Master

Los Angeles, CA

June 7, 2013


Dear Alex,


I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you again for your treatment of my neck pain. We all miss you out here in Los Angeles, and are wishing you the best of luck with your new life in the mountains.


The problem I was having in my neck was a reactivated chronic sports injury, and would typically take 2 to 3 months to resolve when I treated it with the usual conventional methods they taught me in medical school. It was affecting my quality of life and my functionality at work, as was just generally unpleasant. The reason I came to see you was that since starting work at UCLA, I have had more exposure to patients undergoing traditional Eastern medicine treatments, and it was getting progressively more difficult to ignore the resulting benefits of some of the homeopathic approaches, such as acupuncture. I had been recommending it to my own patients as either a supplemental treatment or replacement treatment when the usual allopathic approaches weren’t effective. My attitude was, “well, even if we don’t fully understand how it works, it doesn’t seem to be in any way harmful, so why not try?”


What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right? I figured if I am recommending this to patients, and I had a problem that may benefit from it, it would be a little hypocritical to not try it myself. Because you were part of the school out here, I figured I was in good hands. I was right.

I have been a clinician and professor here at UCLA for a decade now, and every day I am involved in teaching medical students and young doctors. I am obligated to not only teach them about care for surgical patients and specific surgical techniques, but also less tangible things like professionalism, ethics, and the elusive bedside manner. If you had been my student, I would have given you an “A+” based upon your treatment of me. Not only did my symptoms resolve in about 24 hours—as opposed to the usual 3 months—your demeanor and approach were top-notch. I immediately felt at ease because you were knowledgeable, calm and confident. Remember, this was all new to me, and voodoo as far as I knew. After your initial assessment, I was perfectly comfortable with the idea of you actually poking sharp needles in me.


Not only did the treatments (2, in total) work surprisingly well, you had the professionalism and integrity to tell me that I probably didn’t really need any more treatment unless things flared up again. There are many practitioners in both the world of allopathic and homeopathic medicine that will tend to exaggerate the need for repeat/chronic treatments in order to make sure the revenue keeps coming in. I know many chronic conditions actually require chronic care, but I was relieved and impressed that I was not pushed into that category.


I guess this is not the ‘quick note’ I said it would be, but I felt it was important for other people to get a chance to hear about my experience. I hope you will use this letter as an endorsement for your new practice, because you have definitely earned it. I, of course, do not have the authority to endorse you on behalf of UCLA, but I am free to endorse your clinical skills as your very appreciative patient.

Best of luck!




Erik P. Dutson, MD, FACS

Chief, UCLA Section of Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery

Associate Professor of Surgery

Executive Medical Director, CASIT (Center for Advanced Surgical & Interventional Technology)

Los Angeles, CA

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