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Below is a sampling of some of the pieces Alex Leddy Acupuncture will be carrying and the significance of some of the stones.



Stone Significance

*Aquamarine: Metal, Lungs, Yin, 3-5 am

Combats allergies. Benefits eyes, Lungs, teeth, and glands. Energizes breathing. Helps regulate confusion and chaos. Evokes courage and communication. Calming and cooling. Offers serenity in contact with others and helps with the initiative to approach others and to become acquainted and understood. Helps with hay fever. Counteracts feelings of listlessness, weakness, or fatigue. March birthstone.


*Blue chalcedony: Metal, Lungs, Yin, 3-5 am

Balances yin and yang. Enhances communication. Stimulates creativity. Helps with weather and temperature sensitivity, as well as jet lag. Benefits dementia and senility. Strengthens immune system. Improves Lung function.


*Topaz: Fire, Small Intestine, Yang, 1-3 pm

Encourages acceptance and forgiveness. Uncovers truth. Helps understanding of senses and feelings. Good for digestion. Supports the Intestines. November birthstone.


*White sapphire:

Helps achieve goals. Offers wisdom. Balances physical, mental, and emotional states. Reduces unhappiness and depression. Offers protection and reveals potential. Supports the blood and regulates glands. September birthstone.

About Jen Leddy

Jen Leddy was born and raised in the mountains of Colorado. It wasn’t until the latter half of college that she discovered metal was her medium of choice. At the University of Colorado at Boulder, Jen was completing her Bachelor of Art Degree in studio art, with an emphasis in ceramics. She loved the expression of clay and was certain her artistic style would thrive through the ceramic process. That all changed when she had the extraordinary experience of studying abroad in Florence, Italy, where ceramics was not in the curriculum. Unsurprisingly, Syracuse University in Florence, the affiliate abroad school, was focused in sculpture, painting, and art history, but a few elective courses were also offered through a Florentine metalsmithing studio, called Fuji Studios. Intrigued, but also in need of an additional elective, Jen stepped into the metal world where a connection to the medium was instantaneous and undeniable. A new path appeared and, without hesitation, she followed it with fervor. Jewelry and metalwork was her new priority.


Today, Jen is the owner, metalsmith, jeweler, and designer of Jen Leddy Studios. Living in San Francisco has opened countless doors and generated unparalleled connections for her future in the industry. Undoubtedly the most significant of those has been attending classes at the world-renowned Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, where passion and technical ability morph into one. Through unrivaled instruction, Revere has played a significant role in Jen’s ability to steadily approach the goal she set when relocating to San Francisco just over three years ago: expanding her jewelry work artistically and technically, and her business as an entrepreneur.


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